Thursday, September 30, 2010

Google launches url shortner.... is this important?

This Week in Football is casting for a host. it's taped in Santa Monica on Monday nights...

This Week in Football is casting for a host. it's taped in Santa
Monica on Monday nights...

if you're interested just email lon AT

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Inch by Inch, Any Given Sunday

Life's this game of inches....

I don't know what to say really.
Three minutes
to the biggest battle of our professional lives
all comes down to today.
we heal
as a team
or we are going to crumble.
Inch by inch
play by play
till we're finished.
We are in hell right now, gentlemen
believe me
we can stay here
and get the shit kicked out of us
we can fight our way
back into the light.
We can climb out of hell.
One inch, at a time.

Now I can't do it for you.
I'm too old.
I look around and I see these young faces
and I think
I mean
I made every wrong choice a middle age man could make.
I uh....
I pissed away all my money
believe it or not.
I chased off
anyone who has ever loved me.
And lately,
I can't even stand the face I see in the mirror.

You know when you get old in life
things get taken from you.
That's, that's part of life.
you only learn that when you start losing stuff.
You find out that life is just a game of inches.
So is football.
Because in either game
life or football
the margin for error is so small.
I mean
one half step too late or to early
you don't quite make it.
One half second too slow or too fast
and you don't quite catch it.
The inches we need are everywhere around us.
They are in ever break of the game
every minute, every second.

On this team, we fight for that inch
On this team, we tear ourselves, and everyone around us
to pieces for that inch.
We CLAW with our finger nails for that inch.
Cause we know
when we add up all those inches
that's going to make the fucking difference
between WINNING and LOSING
between LIVING and DYING.

I'll tell you this
in any fight
it is the guy who is willing to die
who is going to win that inch.
And I know
if I am going to have any life anymore
it is because, I am still willing to fight, and die for that inch
because that is what LIVING is.
The six inches in front of your face.

Now I can't make you do it.
You gotta look at the guy next to you.
Look into his eyes.
Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you.
You are going to see a guy
who will sacrifice himself for this team
because he knows when it comes down to it,
you are gonna do the same thing for him.

That's a team, gentlemen
and either we heal now, as a team,
or we will die as individuals.
That's football guys.
That's all it is.
Now, whattaya gonna do?


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new ad unit on YouTube.... this is beautiful

This new ad unit on youtube is beautiful. as you click the little buttons it rotates the ads. very slick.  

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Mahalo Video Games... crushing it!

look at the video responses!

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

I watch this clip every day before I go to work. Literally.

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius,
commander of the Armies of the North
General of the Felix Legions,
loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius.

Father to a murdered son,
husband to a murdered wife.
And I will have my vengeance,
in this life or the next.

Mike Arrington double crossed me,
left me for dead to make a quick buck
He stole from me, and my family.

I will have my revenge, in this life
not the next.

I'm coming, and you will learn what
a lack of loyalty and honor brings sir.
I will not rest until vengeance is mine.

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Your Daily London! Yes, "they grow up so fast..."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa! Your daily London video!

EBAY founder Pierre Omidyar wont support Meg Whitman due to anti-gay stance--BRAVO!

EBAY founder Pierre Omidyar wont support Meg Whitman due to anti-gay stance--BRAVO! 

Wild... Pierre gives friend and co-worker Meg an amazing review--then shoots her down. That is courage. 

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can I get a feedback on Episode two of Mahalo Video Games Today?

took some feedback from you guys... 

thoughts on this one?

YouTube - Win a PlayStation 3 Slim, Halo Reach, HAWX2 - Mahalo Video Games Today #2 

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This Week in Poker is live! and featured on @ustream

Small/medium size business maternity leave/family leave policies

CEOs of small and medium size businesses, what are your maternity
leave / family leave policies?

Please join the discussion here:

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Jason Calacanis Email Address


I've created this post for folks who are trying to reach me by email.

It turns out that one of the top search terms referring people to this
website is "jason calacanis email." However, my email isn't listed
anywhere on the blog.

My email is jason AT or jason AT

Before you email me here are some ideas to rise about the noise that
has become my inbox (which gets 300-500 emails a day).

1. Keep your email short and to the point. The shorter and more blunt
it is the easier it is for me to understand how I can help, and the
greater chance I'll be able to respond.
2. Follow me on and so you
are up to date on what I'm up to.

Potential Investment: Social Network for Bulldogs
Mahalo Partnership: SEO service to get you #1 rank for any term
ThisWeekIn Partnership: Amazing guest for your show--me!
Job: I'd like apply to be CEO of Mahalo

These subjects line really help me filter stuff and connect you with
the right people to get your issue taken care of.

Other people who can help you in my organization (consider CCing):

-- Krute: the general manager of Open Angel Forum and LAUNCH
conference. krute AT
-- Jacob: for technology at Mahalo. jacob AT
-- Jason Rapp: President of Mahalo. jason.rapp AT
-- Mark Jeffrey: CEO of mark AT
-- AskJason on This Week in Startups: askjason AT

Anyway, I hope this post doesn't come across as conceded or
egotistical. Then again, I guess any blog post explaining how you
should communicate with a person is, by default, obnoxious. Many
apologies. :-)

all the best,


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MUGSHOT of the YEAR: Walter Bond... VEGAN gangsta yo!

found on Perez: "Walter Bond was arrested and charged with arson after
starting a fire at the Sheepskin Factory in Denver, CO."

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VIDEO: LifeLineRadio is a game changer (for Africa & the USA) #genius

From Engadget:

".... Lifeline Energy is a UK-based NGO that works to bring folks in emerging markets (mostly sub-Saharan Africa) items like solar-powered radios and lights, and it has just announced the launch of the Lifeplayer self-powered MP3 player and AM/FM/SW radio. This device features 64GB storage, microSD card slot, 3G connectivity, audio recording capabilities, and the ability to act as a sort of PA system -- according to the organization, groups of sixty can hear the thing clearly. It's powered either by a hand-crank or through its solar panel, and contains a USB port for charging devices such as cell phones. At present, Lifeline Energy is distributing over a thousand of these bad boys in Haiti and it's accepting donations to distribute them in Pakistan as well."

Question: Why don't they sell these in America at Home Depot at 2x the cost to produce, and for everyone one an american buys one goes to Africa?! (i.e. Like Tom's Shoes)

Look at the specs on the Lifeline Radio below and ask yourself if you would like to have one of these in the truck of every car you own, and two in your garage/closet.

Lifeline Design Features

  • The antenna is an ordinary piece of wire which can be easily replaced.
  • The rainbow-shaped dial scale has large print for easy reading, even for the visually impaired. Each band is colour coded for everyone to understand.
  • The dial scale and Lifeline radio can be custom produced in any combinations of colours and should not reflect political parties.
  • Four-band coverage, AM/FM/SW1/SW2, ensures access to many channels and perspectives.
  • Each knob is purposefully designed a different shape.
  • The sound quality is excellent, enabling groups of up to 40 people to hear clearly.
  • The winding handle (on the back) can be turned in either direction to charge the radio. Fully charged, the Lifeline can play for up to 24 hours.
  • The solar panel is housed in a detachable waterproof casing on a 2.5 metre lead with magnetised clips on top to hold it in place. The Lifeline radio operates in extreme conditions including temperatures, rain, dust, sand and humidity.
  • A child can grip the handle without difficulty. The Lifeline radio is larger and lighter than the older model Freeplay radios; its unusual shape enables it to be easily carried, even by children.

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An Open Letter to the Pope from Sinead O'Conner

As a Catholic i think it's very important we hold the Catholic Church
responsible--truly responsible--for the raping of thousands of
children around the world by their Priests.

I know folks are sick of this uncomfortable issue, but you can't move
on until you have complete transparency and the purpertrators of evil
crimes are brought to justice.

How many priest have been *criminally* prosecuted for their crimes?
How many priests who have committed horrible crimes are still Priests?
How many settlements have there been by region around the world, and
how many priests were involved in these horrible acts of violence?

There can be no real peace without justice. And without resistance
there will be no justice.

An Open Letter to the Pope


Your remarks made last week concerning church authorities' handling of
child rape complaints give the impression that neither John-Paul II
nor yourself knew of how these complaints were being managed.

Can you please make clear exactly who has been running the church since 1979?

You have said church authorities did not act quickly nor decisively in
dealing with allegations. This is entirely dishonest.

In fact church authorities acted extremely quickly and decisively, but
in protection of rapist priests and the church, not of children.

In your letter to Irish mass-goers you stated that the Irish
hierarchy, in covering up rape and transfering known rapists to other
parishes, where many more children were raped, had done so out of "a
well-intentioned desire to protect the reputation of the church."

If there is any such well-intentioned desire on your part then why
have you not in outrage fired every employee of the church who
contributed even in the remotest of ways, consciously or
uncsonciously, to the attack on Christ himself as made manifest in
those children who were raped?

It looks extremely bad that you have not done so. And that you
continue to set up lies and smoke-screens and treat us as if we are

Spokespeople on your behalf keep saying, falsely, that hierarchies
acted independently of The Vatican, when countless pleading letters
from bishops to The Vatican show that is not the case, as do the
specific instructions issued by The Vatican in 1962 to all bishops in
the world for dealing with allegations of rape and abuse.

As you are aware, those instructions required the cleric taking
complaints, as well as the victim making the complaint, to sign an
oath of silence under threat of excommunication.

Your letter of 2001 to all bishops in the world confirms the 1962
instructions were in operation until 2001.

Why do you allow your representatives to lie?

All reports carried out in the four corners of the earth have found,
independently of each other, that the church's main concern in dealing
with abuse was the preservation of its assets and reputation and that
the welfare of children was not a consideration.

As an example I refer you to the fact that in 1987 the church in
Ireland took out a series of insurance claims in every diocese in
order to protect the church from claims they foresaw would be made.

The church then sat back and did nothing until 1995 when complaints
became public knowledge.

The reports show that without exception each diocese in the world
behaved in exactly the same manner when dealing with allegations.

If hierarchies had been acting independently of The Vatican there
would have been differences in their behaviour.

We deserve better than lies and insults to our intelligence.
The Holy Spirit deserves better.

As long as the house of The Holy Spirit remains a haven for criminals
the reputation of the church will remain in ruins.

Finally, your statement that you hope the church's "humiliation will
help the victims" is deplorable on two levels.

One: not one member of The Vatican has publicly displayed an iota of
humility over this issue. Instead each person who has spoken has done
so most arrogantly and dismissively.

Two: how dare you use the word humiliation to describe what you and
the church are going through? Hope and pray, and thank God that you
will never know the abject humiliation of children who were raped by
monsters in the employ of your church. That is true humiliation.

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What's the difference between Leonardo DiCaprio & an owl?

BREAKING VIDEO: Zuckberg comments on the Facebook phone!

I have to say Zuckerberg is becoming really chatty these days.... perhaps the leaked photo of the Facebook phone made him come clean?

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

London hits the blackberry first thing in AM!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


GENIUS: Luke Skywalker has OCD


Makes me want to play this video over and over again.... 

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

TRAILER: Deep Water (1 of my top 10 docs) please see so we can discuss! :)

I loved this documentary... please see it so we can discuss it. 

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

TRAILER: The Most Dangerous Man in America (this looks amazing)

This Looks really amazing.. has anyone seen it?

I'm not sure i've ever seen a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes... 

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Alex of @getglue did an amazing job in this interview with me last week

What a great interview with GetGlue CEO Alex Iskold we did last week.... this is one of the best CEO interviews I've been able to do thanks to Alex's epic pivoting story AND his honesty. 

he's a great entrepreneur and I so happy to see him breakout in year three of his startup! 

all the best,


Jason Calacanis hosts This Week in Startups with guest Alex Iskold, CEO and Founder GetGlue)

00:00:00 Intro

Today on http://thisweekin/startups%E2%80%9C" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">This Week In Startups we chat with" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">GetGlue CEO Alex Iskold. Shira Lazar of CBS joins us for the news, and it’s revenge of the frogs when we take a Shark Tank call from Paris. All that and more, right now on This Week in Startups.

We’ve got a great show today. Alex Iskold the founder and CEO of Adaptive Blue, the company behind" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">GetGlue will talk to us via Skype.

If you want to be on Shark Tank or Ask Jason, which are people’s favorite part of the show, all you have to do is email and give the details of your question and Lon will get you on the air. Don’t make it to promotional. Ask an insightful question.


The next Startup Meetup is Tuesday 9/21 at 8 PM PST at the" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Mahalo headquarters here in Santa Monica (902 Colorado) we’re going to have a little Chinese food. If you want to host a Meetup in your area, just email . Lon is the creative director of the" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">ThisWeekIn Network who’s doing a great job building the network. There will soon be 20 shows in the next several months.


Provides fully hosted / managed Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps e-mail

DNAMail has sponsored all 78 episodes. They are the longest running sponsor on the show. We couldn’t do it without them.

00:03:00 Shark Tank

Our Shark Tank caller is Oliver from Super-Marmite, calling using Skype from Paris. Super-Marmite was the winner of the Paris Startup Meetup last month.

Super-Marmite is a social marketplace for home menus. Rather than going out for fast food, users can tap into the extra capacity of food being cooked by people around you. In this way you get a home-cooked meal and avoid wasteful leftovers. Cooks are rated and receive a reputation based on the feedback from those buying their food.

JC: You are crowd-sourcing dinner. If you happen to be cooking dinner in your area, and have some extra capacity, you can sell off the extra servings. Last year I make cassoulet. It takes several days to make. I can say, “I’m going to be done on Monday. I have 8 extra servings and I’m willing to sell them for $10 a piece.” Your website would then let people buy it, and if they like the taste of it, then they would rate me highly, and the next time I make it, I might be able to charge $12 per serving. I think your pitch was an 8 or 9. It was very good. I would have liked to hear the business model. I think the idea is bizarre, and wonderful and quixotic. I don’t know if this will work in the United States, but I think this could be a big business in France where there’s a little more social trust. I would like to see this integrated with my social networks. Tyler, what do you think?

TC: I think it’s brilliant. Idea is a 9.5. Pitch is an 8.5. I would improve it by starting with a question. “Jason, when you came to France did you go to McDonalds?”

JC: “Wouldn’t you have liked to have a home cooked meal?” Actually, I think that’s a great angle. What a wonderful insight…Offering this to tourists would be bigger than offering it in the city.

TC: It’s similar to Ubercab in the way it empowers people to earn revenue in a way that they never would be able to otherwise. Restaraunts are probably going to hate this, but in reality, that’s the best thing that could happen to this.

JC: When the restaurants are protesting you know you have arrived.

Scores from the Chat Room averaged 7s and 8s.

JC: I give the idea a 9. I think there’s still room for some improvement. Boy this is a winner, and I love the design of the site. Looks beautiful and is very well produced. The URL is

How long did it take to build the site, and with how much money? We are four people and it took 3 months and $2500 dollars.

JC: I think you’re going to be very successful and I can’t wait to come to Paris and try it.


Trada is a crowdsourced pay-per-click marketplace, leveraging the skills of more than 500 certified paid search experts. Mention TWiST and get $100 worth of PPC marketing FREE for every $1,000 you spend on Trada (Max $3,000 spend or $300 bonus). On average, advertisers who start working with Trada reduce their CPA by 10%!

0:16:00 Interview

I have been waiting to have our next guest on the program for a long time. He has fascinated me with his products. It started with a blue bookmarking tool that was very well done. All the sudden it takes off. I see they redesigned their website and now allow checking for movies, books, and everything.

Alex Askold welcome.

You started the company when? 2007.

Right around the same time as" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Mahalo, I remember. Didn’t you used to be a writer? This is my second startup, and I did do some articles.

How did you start" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Adaptive Blue? What was the original mission? How did you get to where you are today? We started the company with the vision to connect people around entertainment and things that they enjoy. Our first delivery was the toolbar., which is still very popular. The idea was that when you would go to different websites you could see your friends. In 2009 we re-launched the website with the name" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">GetGlue, and then the service really took off. The idea that we want to share entertainment with each other is still at the heart of the service.


Why didn’t the service take off originally? What did you learn from the first two years, then when the service popped? The process of any startup is iteration and trying to find something that resonates with people. Number one, you need a product that people want. Then you need a market that pulls people in. I think that our initial solution was a utility…[Lost Alex]

Tyler remembers this being a social network that travels with you.


Jason does a quick demo of the" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">GetGlue product. He confesses he loves wiener schnitzel.


Alex is back and continues to explain that entertainment is a deeply emotional experience for people so the product needs to invoke emotions and excite people. It can’t be a utility. As we iterated we landed on a delivery that has grown very healthy in the past several months. Ratings and checkings have been growing very healthy.


What is the impact of the stickers and how does it work? This is one of the things that we discovered and that are working really great. The twist is, they’re both digital and physical. Not only can you get a sticker for your profile, you can actually get a free copy of the sticker in the mail. People have really loved this. A lot of our stickers are now coming from major brands, HBO, FOX, Showtime, PBS and over a dozen major brands.


These stickers have become a marketing tool. Do you get HBO to pay you to distribute them? How do you distribute them physically? Do you mail them stickers? Yes. Once you get a certain number of stickers, we ask you for your address to mail them. In terms are non-monetary, and they’re done for co-promotion. They are telling they’re viewers to" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">GetGlue. For us to be associated with big companies is great for us as a small startup.


How do the brands feel about you doing without permission? Are you allowed to do that? All of the stickers we have on the service are authorized. They’re all official and authorized.


You got the idea for stickers from" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Foursquare, they’re badges? Yes.


How is that going to make you feel when" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Foursquare or" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Gowalla starts giving away physical stickers? Are you worried about that? Has it happened yet? I’m definitely not worried about people knocking off the idea. I think it’s an interesting twist. I think the rewards will lose their meaning over time, and much more important is our strategy to deliver discounts to the users. The ability to award customers with discounts is the goal for all of us, for Foursquare, our sister company, and for us as well.


How many people in the company and what’s the funding? What’s next? We are 15 people in the company and we are funded by" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">USV and" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">RRE. In terms of what’s next. We’re focusing on bring on more partners. More big brands to make their rewards available to our users. We want t be a platform for entertainment checkins. The we want to nail down the discount piece.


Jason unveils the" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">ThisWeekIn stickers that are rewards on" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">GetGlue. How did these come about, and how do people get these? I worked with Amanda and Lon on these. Alex describes the stickers and how to generally get the stickers. One of the stickers include Jason and his bulldogs (Taurus and Fondue).


Where do you think this is all going?" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Facebook is appropriating tech from other companies. Are you worried about the big bully on the block? I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. Everybody is competing for eyeball. My view is that we have an edge in our focus and the emotions and that’s not easy to replicate.


Why did you choose" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Fred Wilson and" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">RRE? Tell us a little bit about each VC and how you chose them? We’re based in NY, and geographic boundaries do matter." style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">USV was so much more informed and qualified to invest in the early stage. An" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">RREassociate reached out to us, and we began to talk. It became clear they were a great partner.


So you replied to an associate email and didn’t delete it? We reply to every email. It’s the secret of how to build a large network.


You see these emails as a chance to build loyalty? Absolutely. Go check twitter. You’ll see that we respond nearly instantly to any question whatsoever. We try to be lightning fast. One of our number one goals is customer service.


How much funding? (NBeezy) and what was your philosophy? About 6M to date. 1.5M in a servies A and 4.5 in series B. Our philosophy is ‘don’t raise more than you need’. We try to keep it lean.


With Twitter and Foursquare in the same portfolio and having just raised big rounds, are there any VCs advising you to raise power rounds? Options come in when you have success. We’re discussing options.


I’m assuming you have 2M uniques a month? 1.5M uniques in August.


Ballpark, how much does that cost to run? We run on EC2

Tyler, your thoughts? I remember the tool bar, so this is a pivot. It’s interesting to see how that idea came about.

I think this might be one of the greatest pivots in a while.

Alex Back—

Take me back to the moment when you decided to kill the blue organizer? I was reminded the Twitter started as part of Odeo. For us it was an iteration. It takes time to get a product that resonates. Thankfully we had great investors.


How did you become an entrepreneur and where are you from originally? My first company in 2000, was making tools to find bugs in code. I sold it to IBM three years later. I’m originally from the Ukraine.


When did you come to the United States? 1991


How old were you then, and how hard was it to get here? I was 19. It was a great thing for me and my family to move to US. I don’t think I would have had the same opportunities.


What are your thoughts on the H1-B issue, the Untied States becoming a little xenophobic? What are your thoughts on a personal basis? If you spend time educating people, you may as well take advantage of the innovation and give them jobs. We should be on the forefront of smart people coming here and then being able to stay in the country.


BoonUK asks-How much does it cost to keep this all running? Servers are running on the" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Amazon stack. We’re using Simple DB, not MySQL. The costs were around 2-3K per month, and now they are more than 10K. But the Amazon stack is great.


But there is a point where owning your own hardware makes sense, correct? Yes. I think the amount of traffic from Twitter and Foursquare requires that scale.


Go get" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">GetGlue, which is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. The mobile url is www.getglue/mobile.>

Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexIskold.

Rate the guest, and rate Tyler’s performance. Guest: Tyler:

51:20 News

Shira Lazar welcome to the program.

Yahoo executives have spoken to journalists about their future plans, including an ambitious strategy to revitalize the company expected to take up the next three years. Chief Products Officer Blake Irving has said the overall effort is designate o “bring cool back to Yahoo.”

Among the planned changes:

- Relaunch lots of products with new features

- Be more technology-oriented rather than media-oriented

- New Yahoo Mail that’s spam-free, faster and integrates with Facebook and Twitter

- New search layout with more focus on content and news

- New iPad app

- New ad formats" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">TechCrunch reported that, internally, Yahoos goals amount to an increase in unique visitors to 1 billion from 622 million today, and an increase in revenue from $6.5 billion to $10 billion.

QUESTION: Anything intrigue you about this plan? What would you do if you were CEO of Yahoo to revitalize the company and brand?


JC: This was not a good move. There’s no substance to the announcement. Show not tell. It doesn’t matter. In a world where Steve Jobs, Evan Williams and Mark Zuckerberg can show product, this is a bad move. This screams to me of desperation.

TC: It’s interesting. A guy on stage saying we’ve made something special. When’s the last time Yahoo did that?


Verizon Won’t Sell Windows Phone 7 at Start

Verizon has announced that it won’t sell handsets with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS when it debuts later this year.

The carrier plans to support the new OS eventually, possibly by 2011, but the news nevertheless is a blow to Microsoft’s hopes at reaching the widest possible market. Most recently, Microsoft and Verizon had partnered on the Kin, a project which was canceled after 2 months due to poor sales.

Microsoft declined to say which carriers will release Windows 7 phones or when they are expected.

QUESTION: Why does Microsoft seem to fare so poorly in mobile? Considering that the iPhone isn’t available on Verizon, is this how big of a disaster is this for MSFT?

JC: This isn’t so much Microsoft doing a bad job, but rather the iPhone and Android doing such a great job. They are like a startup in the mobile space. Microsoft has to build products that can stand on their own.

TC: Pickup of the last point. Where do the developers want to go? How does Microsoft how to compete?

JC: Zune, Xbox and Bing all very well done products. They need a passionate front man for these products. They should open source some of the products to get some press and huge kudos. It’s the innovators dilemma.


Fraudulent" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Groupon Deal?" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Groupon this past week offered a photography deal in Atlanta that took an odd turn when it was revealed that the photographer had promoted her work with stolen images and that they were not capable of actually fulfilling all the deals that were sold.

The promotion, for Dana Dawes Photography, advertised $65 for a one-hour photo shoot, plus a DVD of the images and an 8×10″ print. However, it turned out that she was not equipped or qualified to deliver on this promise, and a" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Groupon user actually pointed out that this deal was essentially too good to be true. (Would it even be possible for a small photography studio to handle hundreds of jobs like this?)

The deal was eventually pulled by" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Groupon and everyone got refunds.

QUESTION: Is this a flaw in the" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Groupon business model, or something that can easily be dealt with and eliminated? Should" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Groupon supervise the system to ensure that it’s not over-extending the small businesses who use it?

JC: We call this a high class problem. Andrew is one of the top 5 CEOs in the country. He’s addressed this head on. He wrote a blog post . This is exactly what a CEO should be doing." style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Groupon is an amazing business. This is the fastest growing company in the history of the United States. They will go public and be worth more than Yahoo.

TC:" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Facebook has users and" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Groupon has customers. It’s that whole point. They’re right at the pocket transactions.


Goodbye from Lalawag

Venerable LA tech blog Lalawag has announced that it was close its doors this week after 2 years of insightful reporting about the local tech scene. (Full disclosure: Lalawag founder Sean Percival hosts our show, “This Week in Social Media.”)

Sean and wife Laurie explained that, with their new baby and his high-powered MySpace job, they were simply too busy to keep up with blogging.

QUESTION: Were you a regular reader? Is this a void that another blog will need to fill? How will you keep up with LA Tech now?

JC: Niche of a niche. They posted once every 3 weeks. He’s getting attention for something that’s been dead for 6 months.

TC: I remember when it came out and it was a vehicle for Sean to promote himself.

1:09:13" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">ChaCha Dumping T-Mobile?

Q&A service" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">ChaCha, which sends users answers via text message, says they will stop sending messages via the T-Mobile platform. T-Mobile has announced their plan to charge $.0025 per SMS sent over the network, even though services like" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">ChaCha already pay a fee per month to send the messages." style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">ChaCha currently relies on T-Mobile for 12% of their traffic, a total of 125,000,000 messages per year.

SMS-based startup 4INFO had a similar reaction, and may also drop T-Mobile if the plan goes forward.

QUESTION: Think it’s worth T-Mobile to make this change, even if it upsets some customers? What would you do if you were running" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">ChaCha about this?

JC: This is just stupid. They’re shooting themselves in the foot. Who cares about Cha Cha.


What are your thoughts on" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">YouTube Live?" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">YouTube recently did a test with live streaming. They went live for a few days with" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">RocketBoom," style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">HowCast, and" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">YoungHollywood.

Are you surprised that it took them this long to get to live streaming? And what is the future? And How does this impact other live streamers?

JC: Yes it does impact the other companies, it validates their business model. And it means that some company will buy them for a lot of money. They picked the wrong partners. They should have gone to Leo Laporte, or they could have gone to Sirius Radio or something like that. But" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">YouTube is very loyal.

TC: Tyler shows off his automatic insight generator.

JC: That’s fantastic, but what are your real thoughts?

TC: It’s interesting that it’s taken so long to do. I do think this will hurt the other live streamers in the space. It makes me wonder if this is why Apple has waited so long to integrate live streaming.


Thanks to all the participants. Thanks" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">Trada. Thanks" style="color: rgb(85, 98, 112); text-decoration: none;">DNAMail. They are making this content available for download.

Thanks to Robert Johnson (rajjr_tx) for helping with the blog. And thanks to Scott Simko for all his great work. He is moving on.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things are looking up!

CLASSIC: 10 Star Wars Commercial from the 80s (C3POs cereal! Bobafett!)

Lazy Sunday continues with 10 star wars commercials from the 1980s
that you'll remember if you're over 35! What's amazing is how
innovative these toys were.

1. C-3PO Cereal Commercial... WIN!

2. Empire Strikes Back with a C-3PO that you can take apart!

3. Rebel Snowspeeder -- genius

4. Vintage Boba Fett Slave 1 with Frozen Han Solo

5. Hoth Ice Planet

6. Star Wars Wampa / Tauntaun ... slice it open and put Luke in the
"open belly rescue feature!"

7. The Repo Band

8. Bespin Guard, Lando & Boba Fett!

9. Collectors Case!

10. And the Darth Vader Collectors Case... you have to love the kids

... OK, I have to get back to... well.... doing nothing this Sunday!

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

APPALLING: Dallas Police Assault Man on Motorcycle (DASHCAM)

Even with Dashcams some (small %) of cops think it's ok to beat people.

Not cool.

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BBCVIDEO:Cameras attached falcon as it dives at 150mph! 10g turns!

found on reddit: "Cameras attached to birds: peregrine falcon (150mph
dives, 10g turns); goshawk leaks through entangled forest at high

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VIDEO: More Suicidal Wingsuit/Birdmen flying in Switzerland (insane!)

every since the 60 minute piece I've become obsessed with these
suicidal wingsuit flying guys.... this is the most insane madness I've
ever seen.

... the 60 minute piece

Question: is there a more insane and reckless sport in existence?

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

INSPIRATIONAL: Man loses 120 pounds in 1 year (VIDEO) -- AMAZING!

This is now nominated for video of the year:

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Can I get some honest feedback on "Mahalo Video Games Today?" on YouTube

We're testing doing a weekly/bi-weekly video games update on Mahalo's HUGE video game youtube channel. This was just a test but it feels like it came out fairly good. 

What would you rate this on a scale of 1 to 10? 
What did you like?
What could we improve?
What length should it be?

Thanks for the feedback! 

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy happy happy!

some thoughts on mass transit in Los Angeles

was talking with some local reps about mass transit in Los Angeles..... thought you guys might find this interesting.

best jason

From my reading and understanding we are dealing with a supply and demand issue. As such there are two basic functions to change traffic: increase supply or reduce demand. The best ideas for this seem to be:

1. REDUCING DEMAND with congestion pricing: London has had solid success with this by charging about $12 to drive into the most congested part of the city during the busiest times. Of course, London has a brilliant mass transit system and Los Angeles does not, so implementing this system would take some work. A charge of $5-10 to cross the 405 and 10 during rush hour (say, 4pm-6:30pm) would certainly incentivize people to shift their driving patterns. this could be done with wireless devices such as Easypass (in the northeast). You head north on the 405 in rush hour and you're charged at the on ramp automatically. you don't need to have life attendants. someone gets on during rush hour without easypass they get a ticket. 

2. INCREASING SUPPLY: Finish the west side subway/RED line (attached image) ASAP! This is obvious, and i can tell you my company (which is at 11th and Colorado in Santa Monica) contributes at least two dozen cars to rush hour. This subway would eliminate almost all of them as the young folks working for us would much rather save money and time by taking the train. even if it was the same amount of time, they would take the train to read and save money. 

3. OTHER: We should make the bus and subway free. Period. Usage would jump if it was free (or a token amount, like a quarter). We should simply increase the tax on cars based on millage (perhaps tax only cars that are below 20mpg?) and shift the money to the bus and train budgets. This would also have serious economic benefit according to many: 

all the best, jason

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VIDEO: Sinead O'Connor circa 1992, A brave visionary.

When I was 21 I watched this video live on SNL and it hit me deeply. As someone who grew up Catholic I knew exactly what she was talking about when she discussed child abuse, war and then ripped up a picture of the pope and said "fight the real enemy,"

It's well worth watching this almost two decade old video today and thinking about the decades of suffering and coverups by the Pope and Church in the systemic raping of thousands of children.

After that video Sinead O'Connor's career was ended--literally. 

They would not play her on the radio and when I went to the Bob Dylan 30th anniversary concert at MSG with my pal Charlie they booed her off stage. These were BOB DYLAN fans that booed her off stage... sickening.

On top of raping children and covering it up for decades, the Popes we were taught to blindly follow over the last couple of decades were also:

1. anti-gay in the age of Mathew Sheppard (for those of you under the age of 30 read this: )
2. anti-condom and safe sex in the age of AIDS
3. anti-women in the age of.... well.... ummm... basic human rights?

Hopefully 100 years from now history will remember the brave little girl who stood up, and was taken down, for doing the right thing.

Love you Sinead.  

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