Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stunning swordfish

Fw: gdgt live in Los Angeles is tomorrow!

Go to this!

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gdgt live in LA
October 28th

Hey, Los Angeles! gdgt live is LA is tomorrow. Are you going? Come hang out with us on tomorrow, October 28th at Club Nokia. Doors open at 7:30pm. You'll be able to meet with folks from some of your favorite tech brands and play with their latest gadgets.

Sponsors include AT&T, IncipioLenovo, Windows Phone, HTC,  Sonos, Logitech, 3M, G-Technology, Microvision, T-Mobile, and more. We'll even have a couple of hot local startups on hand.

The event is FREE, all-ages, and open to the public. We'll even have drink tickets for folks over 21. Everything starts at 7:30pm and you can RSVP here. Make sure you get there early -- we'll only be open until 10pm!

When: Friday, October 28th, 2011 from 7:30pm – 10pm
Where: Club Nokia, 800 West Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles
Who: Over 20 of the hottest brands in tech. See who will be there!
How: This event is free, all-ages, and open to the public. Invite your friends! RSVP here.

Finally, please help us spread the word by tweeting about the event with the hashtag #gdgtLA, posting on Facebook, and maybe even telling a few people about it in person.

Cool things happening at gdgt live in LA


Show up to gdgt live in LA early and you’ll have your choice of a sweet gdgt t-shirt or smartphone case just for showing up. There will also be chances to win some amazing gear like a Lenovo X120e laptop, a Sonos PLAY:3, the new E-PM1 from Olympus, a SHOWXX+ laser pico projector from MicroVision and lots more.

Windows Phone After Party – The fun doesn’t have to end at 10:00pm. Our friends at Windows Phone are throwing an epic after party following our event. It’s happening at the Conga Room starting at 9:30pm and runs until midnight. You can register here.

You’ll get to play with all the new Windows Phone hardware, chat it up with some key Windows Phone folks, and also enjoy some great food and drinks on the house. There will also be plenty of chances to win a new Windows Phone and other awesome prizes.

AT&T Revolve Project – At every stop on the gdgt live 2011 Tour, AT&T has been asking folks too bring in their old cell phones so they can take a video of them as part of the Revolve Project which showcases the evolution of mobile technology. Also, if you don’t want that phone anymore, leave it with AT&T and they will recycle it through Cell Phones for Soldiers, a charity organization that turns old cellphones into phone cars for our troops overseas.

WeVideo – Make sure to take some video at the show and visit the WeVideo table so they can show you how to upload it to the cloud. Once there, they will edit it all into one very cool crowdsourced video of the event.

SRS Labs – Need another reason to show up early? The first 100 people in line for gdgt live in LA will receive an iWOW 3D by SRS Labs. It connects to your iOS device and can drastically improve your listening experience.

Logitech – The first 20 people to bring an old mouse or keyboard to the Logitech table will walk away with a brand new Logitech color mouse.

Postcards on the Run – During the show, you’ll be able to turn your photos into real, old school postcards for free thanks to the winner of our startup table giveaway contest. Just snap a photo, write a message, and send it off to someone in your address book and they will receive an honest-to-goodness postcard in the mail. Just make sure you download the app in advance.

PastFuture, Inc. / gdgt
901 Mission St., Suite 209
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Open Angel Forum Boston has started!

Taken at Dogpatch Labs Cambridge

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Presenting the chairplug... The chug! Part chair, part plug!

Taken at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Saturday, October 22, 2011



Waze is the best app ever created for Iphone

. @jaredkim at fang

Samovar tea

Mahalo's next iPad app: Learn Pilates (4th app!)!/id470318355?ls=1&mt=8Our fourth iPad app is out..... "Learn Pilates."

These apps are part "for dummies" text and images, combined with videos you would see in a DVD series.

We're testing the $1.99 price right now, but it seems that folks will easily pay $4.99 to $9.99 for these type of quality, HD apps since they are used to paying $25 for a book and $40-100 for a DVD set. 

The other three apps are Walkthrough for Angry Birds (you know, like those really well selling strategy books for video games), Learn Guitar and How to Draw app!!/id470318355?ls=1&mt=8

This is the beta of our platform--our minimal viable product--but it's actually better than 99% of stuff in the app store so we're happy with that. 

However, the next three or four months of development will really be much more innovative in terms of "made for the tablet" features. I'm sooo excited about the iPad, education and tablet computing. 

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Eric Ries of The Lean Startup -- guest of the year?

awesome episode... 

Yesterday's show featured Jason's (@Jason) interview with author and startup expert Eric Ries (@ericries) of The Lean Startup. Eric had some excellent advice for entrepreneurs of all levels, from shortening the gestation periods of your ideas into startups to managing those painful, but often necessary, 'pivots.'

If you missed us live, check out the full episode here:

Or you can check out just a few of the many highlights from the show below:

  • 6:55: Eric explains "Minimum Viable Product." Watch:
  • 23 minutes: Jason and Eric explain the key to getting over the "Fear of Feedback." Watch:
  • 57 minutes: Jason calls for a "Startup Spiritual Revival," where audience members bring the trials and tribulations of their business to the stage to be healed by these two experts. Watch:
Want to share this episode with others? Just tweet this: "Lean Startups author @Eric Ries and @Jason are here to solve your startup woes. Watch the latest episode of TWiST at

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We'll be back on Tuesday, October 21 with Jason's another live meetup, this time with our fans in Chile! Join us at 4pm PT here: to watch and chat along!

Thanks for your viewership and support!
Carolyn, TWiST Producer

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Eric Ries of The Lean Startup, This Week in Startups #199

0:00-2:00 Hey everyone this is ThisWeekIn Startups, my guest Eric Ries of Lean Startups is here. 
1:00 What is Lean Startups?
2:45 It’s all about addressing the customers needs.
4:10 Talking about the shortening gestation period for new startups. 
6:19: Being lean isn’t about how much money you raise.
6:55: What’s the one piece of advice that makes people so drawn to it? Is it the Minimum Viable Product?
7:00-13:00 Survey Monkey 
14:45 Software VS. Hardware startups.
15:33 The impact of Web 2.0 on startups.
16:30 The ‘Summer of Startups’ which are creating money, which are glorified ponzi schemes?
17:50 It’s so much easier to make money today, with ecommerce. Will we not see a lot of these companies meander, when they make enough money to exist but not to progress?
19:09 All overnight successes had 2 years of failure under their belts. Twitter is an example.
20:00 Jason talks his Twitter past.
22:00 Eric talks network effects.
23:00 The key to getting over the fear of costumer feedback: feedback doesn’t tell you about you, it tells you about them. 
23:49 Haters are the best sources of great feedback, your fans won’t get into details. 
25:20 Feedback is the key, and entrepreneurs are afraid of feedback. 
25:50 Discussion of the ‘Steve Jobs Philosophy.’
29:16 Quality vs. Speed and ‘Avatar Teleportation.’
31:50 Let’s unpack testing.
32:00-36:00 MailChimp
40:10 Discussion of Facebook, World of Warcraft, and Viral Coefficient 
41:30 You left out a couple of ways to build a business. 
42:39 What do you think of Groupon? 
44:49 Eric’s Accounting Revolution
46:17 Greatest entrepreneurship movie of all time, Ghostbusters.
48:10: How do you know when to pivot, or when to perservere? 
51:30 #1 Signal that teams need to pivot
52:35 Early launch is prematurely marketing your own demise. 
53:30: Eric on the indicators of traction
54:30 Democratization of entrepreneurship
56:00 No audience questions, but audience horror stories, and Jason and Eric try and save your companies. Who is struggling in their business, let’s have a revival!
57:00 The startup revival begins. 
60:00 A pivot is a change in strategy, without a change in vision.
61:55 Woosh Traffic; what to do when your expenses match your revenue. 
67:30; note-taking program for universities. How to get through a pivot, how to get through institutional sales. 
1:12:55 If you can measure it, you can manage it. 
1:13:30 Terry, Stumeroom (Netflix for costumes). What kind of metrics are needed to be used to see where the business will go, how to generate interest?
1:18:30 How to balance between assessment of business, without exposing yourself to being ripped off
1:20:00 Ideas mean nothing, execution is everything
1:21:10 An empty can makes the most noise. Talking about your idea before a consumer can engage is useless. 
1:22:00 Quantifying viral coefficient. 
1:24:00 Is there such a thing as over-iteration?
1:28:06 Jason and Eric break down Mahalo. Youtube Vs. iPad apps, which has better sustainable growth? 
1:32:00 How do you build an organization on an operational basis?
1:35:00 In a startup, rip up your job description. Your job is to do whatever it takes to make the company succeed. 
1:35:00 This has been a great night. Give it up for Eric, let’s all go to Main Street!

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Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

I'm about to break 100k followers in Google+


The growth of Google+ is just stunning... like amazing. 

99,600 followers.... should break 100k today. took me five years to break 100k on twitter... took three months on Google+

Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Swingers is a great place for vegan and nonvegan food

. @ryancarson puts $10 in swear jar!

Ryan Carson on This Week in Startups today @ 1pm

This Week in Startups at 1pm PT


We're thrilled to have Ryan Carson of Carsonified

 (and the new project Treehouse) joining us today. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and a Web design master (read all about him here:, so get ready to take notes on design tips, best practices for the Web, how to run a company when you're in England and your team is in America and much more.


And, at 50 minutes in, we're going to take an Ask Jason call from an entrepreneur facing a major dilemma--what to do when someone claims that your company's name is infringing on their trademark. Don't miss Jason's sage advice for this too-common problem!


Tune in for the live show at 1pm PT here: We'll also be in the chats on our live channels on: (, Ustream (, YouTube Live ( and Chill (, so give us your feedback and let the debates begin!


To help make sure your friends and colleagues don't miss out, just tweet this line: "Founder, Web designer & empire builder @RyanCarson of @Carsonified joins #TWiST today @1pm PT. Don't miss all his tips:"


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This Week in Web Design at 2:30pm PT



Tony Wong returns to the show along with Seth Epstein to talk about our two hottest topics on the show in the last few weeks: Scrum and Mobile.  Tune in at 2:30 PDT on to watch episode 40 and chat with us as Seth, Tony, Jose, and Aure layout the plan for the ThisWeekIn redesign live on the air!


If you didn't see last week's episode with Tony Wong, he issued a challenge to the team to complete the redesign in 6 weeks or less!  We've talked about the redesign since episode , now you can watch us build the new site, and add your input into the creation while you watch us work!


Make sure to let your friends know about what's going on the show, just Tweet: "Watch @aurepa and @josecaballer talk scrum and mobile on @thisweekinweb, live at 2:30PDT on"




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Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today on This Week In Startups & Web Design

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Today, on the This Week In Network...

This Week in Startups at 1pm PT
We're thrilled to welcome Kevin Systrom [@kevin], the CEO of addictive photo filtering and sharing platform Instagram, to the program today. Take a minute to read more about Kevin and Instagram (@instagram) here:

If you have a question for Kevin, we'd love to hear it! Add it to this doc: Then be sure to join us live at 1pm PT here: We'll also be in the chats on our channels on,, Chill and, so give us your feedback and ask additional questions for Kevin then.

To help make sure your friends and colleagues don't miss out, just tweet this line: "A picture from @Instagram is worth closer to 1 million words. Watch as CEO @kevin joins #TWiST live @ 1pm PT"

On Friday, we hope you'll join us again at 1pm PT for the return of the News Rountable Panel with your favorite news reader Lon Harris (@lons)! We'll be covering everything that's breaking in the world of tech, so don't miss it!

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This Week In Web Design at 2:30pm PT

Today on ThisWeekIn Web Design, previous guest Tony Wong is joining Jose and Aure to talk a hot topic in recent ThisWeekIn Web Design episodes, Scrum.  Tony will be playing "project doctor" as he diagnoses the current state of the live website redesign of ThisWeekIn's main site.  We will be looking to him for advice on how to execute the redesign quickly using scrum as the production and management philosophy guiding the team to the finish line.


Don't forget you can check out Tony's previous guesting role on ThisWeekIn Web design and watch him talk about his 15 years of project management.


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Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups