Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ryan Carson on This Week in Startups today @ 1pm

This Week in Startups at 1pm PT


We're thrilled to have Ryan Carson of Carsonified

 (and the new project Treehouse) joining us today. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and a Web design master (read all about him here: http://goo.gl/TQTe8), so get ready to take notes on design tips, best practices for the Web, how to run a company when you're in England and your team is in America and much more.


And, at 50 minutes in, we're going to take an Ask Jason call from an entrepreneur facing a major dilemma--what to do when someone claims that your company's name is infringing on their trademark. Don't miss Jason's sage advice for this too-common problem!


Tune in for the live show at 1pm PT here: http://thisweekin.com/live. We'll also be in the chats on our live channels on: Justin.tv (http://justin.tv/thisweekin), Ustream (http://ustream.tv/thisweekin), YouTube Live (http://youtube.com/live) and Chill (http://chill.com/room/this-week-in-startups), so give us your feedback and let the debates begin!


To help make sure your friends and colleagues don't miss out, just tweet this line: "Founder, Web designer & empire builder @RyanCarson of @Carsonified joins #TWiST today @1pm PT. Don't miss all his tips: http://thisweekin.com/live"


We couldn't bring you interviews with brilliant founders like Ryan without the support of our awesome sponsors GoToMeeting andSquarespace! Be sure to thank @GoToMeeting [ http://twitter.com/gotomeeting ] and @Squarespace [ http://twitter.com/squarespace ] on Twitter for sponsoring @TWiStartups [ http://twitter.com/twistartups ]!


This Week in Web Design at 2:30pm PT



Tony Wong returns to the show along with Seth Epstein to talk about our two hottest topics on the show in the last few weeks: Scrum and Mobile.  Tune in at 2:30 PDT on justin.tv/thisweekin to watch episode 40 and chat with us as Seth, Tony, Jose, and Aure layout the plan for the ThisWeekIn redesign live on the air!


If you didn't see last week's episode with Tony Wong, he issued a challenge to the team to complete the redesign in 6 weeks or less!  We've talked about the redesign since episode , now you can watch us build the new site, and add your input into the creation while you watch us work!


Make sure to let your friends know about what's going on the show, just Tweet: "Watch @aurepa and @josecaballer talk scrum and mobile on @thisweekinweb, live at 2:30PDT on thisweekin.com/live"




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