Thursday, October 7, 2010

response for @parislemon on "why i still have a Facebook account"

MG Siegler who normally has something of substance to say, flames me
in techcrunch (really) for still having a Facebook account. my
response below


What a waste of a post.

Isn't there a startup more deserving of this space on techcrunch--or
are you guys just trying to hit me every chance you get?

Silly. Sad. Stupid.

Here is an explanation for you, which will be in the
newsletter when i do 100 days off Facebook missive.

1. I had to reactivate my account because some services out there that
i need to look at (think companies I'm investing in, Unvarnished, etc)
ONLY allow you to login with Facebook.

2. I disconnected everything from posting there, but sometimes I will
use something old (like i did with and discover it's
connected for syndication.

3. I removed all my stuff and exist as a "facebook ghost."

Lesson learned: Facebook connect is so pervasive you can't operate on
lot of new services without a FB account.

Now get back to work doing something intelligent MG.... I expect more
from you. :-)


Jason on Twitter This Week in Startups

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