Sunday, January 10, 2010

VIDEO: KFC Racist Commercial 'give black people fried chicken to clam them"

This KFC commercial is mind blowing in its insensitivity and cluelessness.

From the Mahalo topic page: "Australia's Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) apologized over a commercial after receiving complaints that it was racist in January 2010. The commercial featured a Caucasian cricket fan seated in the midst of West Indian cricket fans who were dancing in their seats and playing steel drums. The white man in the commercial says, "Need a tip when your stuck in an awkward situation?" He then passes the West Indian people a bucket of KFC chicken. The people around him take the fried chicken and become suddenly quiet. He then says, "Too easy." The commercial is for "KFC's Crowd Pleaser," which is a "Backyard Bucket" special including a bucket of chicken and side dishes.3 Those who were offended by the KFC commercial complained that it depicts the stereotype that black people like fried chicken."


Additional racist and insensitive ads companies have apologized for:

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